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Indonesia is one of the largest coconut tree plantations in the world with abundant supply of coconut and its derivatives product.  We started involving in the coconut business in 2004 and legalized the company in 2012. Currently, we process coconut shell charcoal at our factory in Bandung – West Java Indonesia to become coconut shell granule and at the end of 2012 we will produce coconut shell briquette for hookah.

Company vision:

To become a reliable coconut shell charcoal and  briquette/ hookah factory in Indonesia.


Company mission:

  1. To leverage value from the coconut shell raw material to become an added value product like briquette hookah and activated carbon that give a benefit for the people in the world
  2. To create a business that give profit to the whole people that involved in the supply chain and flow production chain of coconut shell charcoal
  3. To support clean development mechanism movement and to reduce world carbon emission