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Environmentally friendly with coconut shell charcoal

To use a fuel which is environment friendly coconut shells are a raw material which is natural and an alternative to charcoal or natural gas. This is popular in the Far East where there are a lot of coconut trees and the shells are available easily. The benefit of using coconut shell charcoal is that there is no smoke and very little ash produced. This makes it ideal for use as a barbequing fuel.
A kilogram of coconut charcoal which is roughly around 33 briquettes produces a cooking power which is equivalent to 2 kgs of the lump charcoal which is traditional. Apart from this there is a very low amount of hazardous matter and even soot and ash is minimal making it a lot easier to clean the grill after barbequing.
Because of the consistent heat for over two hours using coconut shell charcoal makes this a very convenient method of barbequing which is also more economical. There is no need to replenish the grill with more fuel during cooking and if at all a little will go a long way. This is definitely one of the cleanest and cheapest methods of enjoying a barbequed meal.
This method of fuel will only be available in certain areas as coconut shell charcoal may not be easy to come by everywhere. But if one can procure it, it is really something which should be given a thought as once you switch to coconut charcoal you will not feel like using any other fuel for your grill. The meat tastes great and there is no health hazard in this method of cooking. Beach resorts and beach houses use this form of fuel for their barbeque get togethers and find it amazing as there is no interruption in the middle to refuel your grill.

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